AU8 Precautions

Users must read these terms and conditions carefully before clicking the "Accept" button. If the user does not agree with any provision of these T&Cs, the user may not use or continue to use this website. To participate in any AU8 game for real money

Applicants must be at least 18 years old to register an account with AU8 (“Member Account”) and deposit funds into the Member Account as set forth on the following page: page : Registration. Residents of the United States, Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong are not allowed to open an account at AU8

AU8 will periodically check its registration for anomalies and will immediately suspend any player accounts in these countries indefinitely. It is the user's responsibility to determine the legal status of online gambling within the user's jurisdiction and to act accordingly. These T&Cs constitute a contract and legally binding agreement between the user and AU8

Users can only have one membership account on this website. AU8 may, in its sole discretion, block or close any or all of the User's accounts if the User attempts to open multiple membership accounts. The User shall not engage in any fraudulent, collusion, fixation or other illegal activities related to the User's or third party's participation in any game, and shall not use any software-assisted method or technology or hardware device to participate in any game for the User. AU8 hereby reserves the right to invalidate or close member accounts or invalidate user participation in the game in the event of such actions